Casino Bonus

Everyone who plays casino online should be aware of not only what a casino bonus is, but how to get it. We will do our best to give you the most important basics about what casino bonuses are, how they work and how you can claim your bonus.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a way for casino sites to reward players. It is also a way for sites to market themselves and make it more profitable to sign up with them rather than any of the competition. It’s like if when you get coupons for your local grocery store. If you go to that specific store to get your food, you will get it cheaper than you will at some other place thanks to your coupon. Basically, casino bonuses are the same thing, just that you don’t need a coupon. A very basic and traditional casino bonus gives you extra money when you make a deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 you get a 100% deposit bonus. That means that the site matches the amount you deposit with 100% more. So if you deposit $100, you get $200 to play for. You get $100 for free more or less. This system can be abused. To prevent people from making a deposit, get the free money and the withdraw them instantly most sites have a system where you need to bet and wager the amount you got in bonus a certain amount of times in order to withdraw it. This way, you get free money with which you can win real money. Just that in order to withdraw them you need to bet and wager the amount. Normally it’s about 30 times the amount needs to be wagered before you can make a withdrawal.

The deposit bonus can differ a lot. There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating a deposit bonus. First you need to see how much money you can get, and how much of your own money you need to deposit. Some deposit bonuses are down at 25% meaning that if you deposit $100, you get $25 for free while others are up to 400% or even 500%. This means that if you deposit $100, you can get as much as $400-$500 in bonus money. Another thing to consider is how many times the money need to bet wagered. Usually small bonuses have lower wager requirements so you can make a withdrawal quicker. The final thing to consider is if there are any additional bonuses. It’s not unusual to get a deposit bonus together with Free spins.

Free spins are when you get to play on a video slot for free. You get a fixed amount of turns that you can play the game, without betting any real money. All winnings from Free spins are yours to keep. Free spins work similar to bonuses. If you get Free spins, and win money you need to bet and wager the winnings before you can withdraw them.

Make sure to check what bonuses the different sites you are interested in offer. There is a lot of money to earn by taking advantage of the generous offers that the sites have. There is also nothing that prohibits you from taking bonuses at several different sites. For example, you register an account at site 1 and get their bonus. After the bonus is cleared and you’ve reached the wager requirements, you can withdraw your funds and deposit them on another site and take advantage of their bonus.