Internet Gambling

Gambling on the internet does not differ all that much from real live gambling, with the obvious exception that you can do it in your own home of course. In real live gambling you visit a casino, sit down at one of their tables, or at one of their slot machines, and you play with or against other real live players. When you play online you still play with or against other players, but you have no real contact with them. Sure, some games feature a chat function so you can actually talk with the other players but you do not see them in any way.

This can be really nice for several reasons. If you, like me, think it’s more comfortable to play in the safety of your own home rather than going out to a casino, onine gambling is a perfect solution. Also, in most games the speed is a bit higher so it doesn’t get slow and boring the same way it tends to do online. Changing games is also a lot smoother and quicker online. If you play one game and decide that you prefer to play one of the other games that the casino offers, you need to leave the table, walk around and find a new table where they play the game of your choice, sit down and join the game while on internet gambling you just click the X in the top right corner, double klick the game you want to play and you’re ready.

Another advantage with playing online can be found in the video slot category. Most of the online casino sites have several hundred different video slots to choose between. In addition the modern video slots are nothing short of amazing. The games often hold a special theme and story that you follow throughout the story. Great graphics combined with amazing music and sound effect also help making the slots even more fun. They also often have special bonus games that you can unlock. The most famous of the bonus games that can be unlocked is probably Mega Fortune’s bonus game where you have a giant wheel that you stop and try get deeper and deeper towards the center of the wheel. If you manage to reach the core of the wheel you win the Mega Jackpot.

The Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot is known all around the world since it, several times, has broken the world record for the highest online Jackpot. Some time ago the winner won over $15 million.