How to find the best bonus

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of bonuses and what different kinds of bonuses you can get. It’s a real mess in the casino jungle if you don’t know what to look for and where. As we’ve already mentioned there are many different types of bonuses to use. If you check our page about No Deposit Bonus you will learn that some sites offer their new players free money without any deposit requirements which is really really good. There are also plenty of deposit bonuses where you get extra money when you make a deposit. Those bonuses can give you a various amount of extra money. The most popular version of deposit bonuses is the one that double your initial deposit. If you deposit $100 you get $200 in total that you can use on the different casino games.

The bonus we like the best is the one that gives you the highest amount compared to your initial deposit. Meaning, we like the ones that have a really high percentage most of all. There are a few bonuses where you can get 400% extra to your initial deposit. Those bonuses are often limited to fairly small amounts. Deposit $10 and get $50 to play for. Even though the amount is pretty low we appreciate that you get so much extra for a rather small deposit. The bonuses where you get a lot of free money are usually lower in the percentage but have a much higher max limit. There are times where you can get 100% up to $500 which then would give you $500 for free from the site.

Now as you might understand it’s a real jungle to find all the different sites and see what different bonuses they offer. Since it’s hard work to find that there are plenty of internet sites that are specialized on finding and listing the best bonus offers for you. CasinoSvenska is one of these sites. They are focused, but not limited, on Swedish casino sites. The sites that they promote are most of the biggest, best and most reliable sites online. If you are looking for a great bonus but don’t know exactly how and where to find it, go to and let them help you. They do all the hard work and all you have to do is decide which of the sites you like the most.

Also, these kinds of sites always look for the best deals available so you can be certain to get a fresh and newly updated bonus. Some of these sites also get special unique offers for some of the sites, meaning that if you sign up using a casino site like, you will sometimes even get a better bonus than you would someplace else. And we love that!